About Cypress Woodworks

Alex McKenzie

Alex McKenzie started in the building trades when he was 14 years old. He spent his Summers working for his Dad’s company, Precision Builders, where he learned the basics of carpentry. Alex always had a strong interest in art and photography starting at a young age, which influenced his artistic expression and can be seen throughout his work. After high school Alex started working for his Dad in a full-time carpentry position and learned every facet of building from frame to finish.

Alex eventually went out on his own and became the owner of a building company in 2006. Later in 2010, he merged with Blake Hackerson and co-founded Newschool Builders, LLC. Together they completed numerous projects that showcased both of their talents and fine craftsmanship. They were nominated for several awards and won best residential renovation over $250,000 at the Better Homes Awards Show in 2013. Both men brought unique strengths to the business and learned so much from the industry and from each other. In March of 2016, they made a mutual decision to start independent endeavors so they could each follow their true passions. With this, Cypress Woodworks, LLC was born. The company specializes in custom homes and remodeling, and now has the exciting addition of fine furniture and cabinetry.

Alex’s love for woodworking runs deep. He is a fourth generation woodworker. His great grandfather, a timber framer and minister, helped found the Shelburne Craft School in 1945. His grandfather Lynwood Smith also known as Woody was a teacher there for many years. Alex has done numerous hours of continuing education and workshops at the Shelburne Craft School to develop his furniture and cabinetry skills. He also learned from some of the best woodworkers in Vermont when collaborating on projects. With these skills, Alex is now able to offer clients fine finish details and furniture along with custom homes and remodeling — from frame to finish to furniture.

After studying the craft of fine furniture making, Alex started incorporating historic reclaimed wood into his furniture from dilapidated Vermont barns. Not only does this give the finished product a unique design, but it also tells a fascinating story. Harvesting reclaimed wood is a sustainable practice and allows each homeowner to own a piece of Vermont history.

Alex will continue to grow and learn as a woodworker and builder to create beautiful projects for his clients. He is so thrilled to be able to offer everything in-house to ensure the finest quality from the initial blue print to the beautiful kitchen table.